Transatlantic Tandem Talk with Matthias Heinz

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ECONtribute and the office of the University of Cologne in New York cordially invite to the next Transatlantic Tandem Talk. It will feature an expert discussion with Cluster member Prof. Matthias Heinz from the University of Cologne’s Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences and Jobina Gonsalves. She is the Senior Vice President for HR for TÜV SÜD Americas Region (includes North America, Canada, Mexico and Brazil).

Many firms are faced with the question whether and how closely they should monitor their workers. Monitoring employees has costs and benefits for firms. On the one hand, monitoring might be necessary to ensure that employees really do their job and it might signal to workers the management’s expectations. On the other hand, most employees dislike being monitored, not only because it prevents them from slacking off, but also because it may be a sign of mistrust.

In a large-scale RCT with a major German bakery chain with 150 stores and over 2000 workers, Prof. Heinz and his team reduced the monitoring intensity in randomly selected stores for several months. Join us to explore whether and under which circumstances “control is good, trust is better”!

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18:00 - 19:00

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Dr. Eva Bosbach

Head of the UoC Liaison Office in New York