ECONtribute Live Q&A at VfS annual conference


ECONtribute will host two Live Q&As at the VFS annual conference. Cluster spokesperson Andreas Schabert will introduce ECONtribute and answer general questions about the Cluster of Excellence. Cluster member Pia Pinger talks about the equal opportunity concept at ECONtribute as well as research on gender economics.

Equal opportunity at ECONtribute: Promoting diversity in economics, live Q&A wih Pia Pinger: 28th of September, 13:00 until 14:00 o’clock

Introducing the Cluster of Excellence ECONtribute, live Q&A with Andreas Schabert: 30th of September 10:00 until 10:45 o’clock

The live Q&A is only accesible with a ticket for the VfS annual conference. You can reach the live Q&A, once you are logged into the VfS conference website on the button “supporters”.

More information about the registration.

More information about the panel on “Women, Men and Taxes: On the discrimination by the tax and transfer system”.