ECONtribute Virtual Macro Week 2020

The ECONtribute Macro Week is a week-long meeting of international researchers to present and discuss their latest research. The research will focus on macroeconomic questions with an emphasize on the importance of distributional aspects for the macroeconomy. Most days will have two seminar presentations starting with a breakfast presentation by a local researcher and a lunch presentation by one of the other participants. The idea is to spur discussion and exchange about latest research and most time will be reserved for discussions and work on research projects. The goal is to provide a fruitful atmosphere for exchange and development of existing research and new research ideas in relationship to the research agenda of the ECONtribute cluster. This year the meeting will take place from June 29 to July 3 at the University of Bonn. The Macro Week is part of the research activities of the ECONtribute cluster. The participants of this year’s Macro Week are

  • David Berger, Duke University
  • Kyle Herkenhoff, New York Federal Reserve Bank
  • Moritz Kuhn, University of Bonn and ECONtribute
  • Ralph Lütticke, University College London
  • Kurt Mitman, IIES Stockholm
  • Benjamin Moll, London School of Economics
  • Simon Mongey, University of Chicago
  • Claudia Sahm, Center for Equitable Growth

For questions regarding the ECONtribute Macro Week, please contact Moritz Kuhn:

ECONtribute Macro Week 2020 Poster
ECONtribute Macro Week 2020 Schedule


Moritz Kuhn