First Bonn-Frankfurt-Mannheim PhD Conference

ECONtribute, the Goethe University Frankfurt, the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, and the University of Mannheim cordially invite to the first Bonn-Frankfurt-Mannheim PhD Conference.

The objective of the conference is to offer an opportunity for young researchers in all fields to present recent research or work in progress to fellow PhD students of Germany’s top universities for Economics and Finance.

We aim to provide a platform and friendly atmosphere for young researchers to gather, share new ideas, and foster their professional network.


This conference is intended for PhD students in Economics and Finance at the Universities of Bonn, Frankfurt (Goethe University and Frankfurt School of Finance), Mannheim and all YEP students from the ECONtribute Cluster of Excellence. If you are a PhD student at one of these institutions, you are welcome to attend the workshop upon registrating here. We encourage submissions from all fields.


February 15, 2023 (submissions)
March 15, 2023 (participation)

BN-FFM-MA PhD Conference

05.05. - 06.05.2023

Goethe University Frankfurt (Campus Westend)

Research Event


Martin Kornejew