How resilient is our society? New episode of the ECONtribute Wirtschaftspodcast


Has the economy weathered the coronavirus pandemic well? Why did the financial markets not crash? And how can we as a society learn to deal better with such crises? The latest episode of the business podcast ECONtribute – now available on all major podcast portals – has the answers.

In the new episode, host Carolin Jackermeier talks to Markus Brunnermeier, Professor of Economics at Princeton University. Brunnermeier analyses international financial markets, the emergence of price bubbles and the role of monetary policy.

We discuss why crises have followed one another in recent years, what policymakers have learned from recent crises, and why climate change is different from other crises. We also look to the future: What might a more resilient global financial system look like?

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Anna Oberste

PR Manager