Job Market Candidates 2023/2024


Again this year, many of our YEP Students and Postdocs are on the Job Market and open to job offers:

Francisco Amaral

Job Market Paper: Value Uncertainty and Returns to Housing

Research Areas: Financial Economics, Real Estate Finance & Urban Economics

References: Moritz Schularick, Farzad Saidi, Marco Pagano, Dmitry Kuvshinov

Andrea Amelio

Job Market Paper: Social Learning, Behavioral Biases and Group Outcomes

Research Areas: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics

References: Florian Zimmermann, Christopher Roth, Benjamin Enke

Sören Harrs

Job Market Paper: Fairness and Support for Welfare Policies

Research Areas: Behavioral and Experimental Economic, Political Economy, Environmental Economics

References: Bettina Rockenbach, Bertil Tungodden, Frederik Schwerter


Tomáš Jagelka

Job Market Paper: Separating True Preferences from Endogenous Effort and Cognitive Noise

Research Areas:  Applied Microeconomics: Labor Economics, Health Economics

References: Christian Belzil, Thomas Dohmen, Erzo F.P. Luttmer, Amitabh Chandra


Valentina Melentyeva

Job Market Paper: Child Penalty Estimation and Mothers’ Age at First Birth

Research Areas: Labor Economics, Gender Economics, Applied Econometrics

References: Sebastian Siegloch, Anna Bindler, Pia Pinger


Anna Schulze Tilling

Job Market Paper: Changing consumption behavior with carbon labels: Causal evidence on behavioral channels and effectiveness

Research Areas: Environmental Economics, Behavioral Economics

References: Lorenz Götte, Sebastian Kube, Thomas Dohmen


Maria John Sánchez

Junior Science Editor