Labor market analyzed: New season of the “ECONtribute – Der Wirtschaftspodcast”


Just in time to kick off the new year, the “ECONtribute – Der Wirtschaftspodcast” enters its fourth round. The new season #Labor from the Cluster of Excellence is now available on all standard platforms.

Labor market policy profoundly affects citizens’ private matters and determines not only income security, but social participation, recognition and personal fulfillment as well. The Cluster of Excellence “ECONtribute: Markets and Public Policy” researches the dynamics of the labor market through a wide range of perspectives:  The characteristics of the German labor market, prospects for success in reintegrating long-term employment seekers, and new ideas on the future of work are subjects covered in the current season.

Moritz Kuhn, professor at ECONtribute at the University of Bonn, launches the season with an analysis on the special features of the German labor market. The discussion addresses short-time work, the Hartz reforms and the “Bürgergeld ” as announced by the new German government coalition.

In monthly episodes of about 30 minutes, Carolin Jackermeier, PR Manager at ECONtribute, discusses the most exciting topics of ECONtribute research and provides insight into the work of the Cluster of Excellence. Why is the German labor market stable? Does reintegrating jobseekers into the labor market prove to be inefficient? And what will employment models actually look like in the future? Season 4 of the ECONtribute podcast provides the answers.

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Carolin Jackermeier

PR Manager