Now available: First season finale of “ECONtribute – Der Wirtschaftspodcast”


ECONtribute launches the third episode of “ECONtribute – Der Wirtschaftspodcast”, now available on Spotify, Soundcloud and Deezer (in German).

Listen to the final episode of the #gender season of “ECONtribute – Der Wirtschaftspodcast” with Christine Laudenbach, Professor of Finance at ECONtribute and the University of Bonn. The economist conducts research on financial decision making in households. In her recent study she analyzed gender differences in financial advice. The result: On average, women have been advised to buy more expensive financial products than men. The episode deals with prejudices in the financial world, risk preferences and gender specific financial counselling.

In monthly episodes of approximately 30 minutes Carolin Jackermeier, Junior Science Editor at ECONtribute discusses the most exciting topics of ECONtribute’s research and provides insights into the work of the Cluster of Excellence. In the first series, the podcast deals with questions of #gender in the world of economics. Are women being discriminated against in economic research? Do social norms still force mothers into traditional gender roles nowadays? And do women get worse advice than men in financial counselling?

“ECONtribute – Der Wirtschaftspodcast” continues: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on new episodes and the upcoming second season #Bildung.


Carolin Jackermeier

Junior Science Editor