Science for everyone: Science Festival at the University of Bonn


Together with the Transdisciplinary Research Area (TRA) “Individuals, Institutions and Societies”, ECONtribute will be present at the Science Festival on the Hofgartenwiese in Bonn on 7 July.

True to this year’s motto “Science for everyone to join in!”, there will be plenty to discover at booth 22: Even the youngest children can test their own risk-taking behavior and try out whether they want to take more or less risk. Afterwards, the effect of age, gender or level of education on personal risk behavior is directly evaluated.

At the ECONtribute podcast station, visitors can gain an insight into ECONtribute’s exciting Wirtschaftspodcast and learn more about the interplay between politics, crises and communication. Researchers discuss climate and education topics in an easy-to-understand way and shed light on current challenges in the economy. What determines whether people support climate protection measures? Why are politicians slow to act despite the urgency of climate change? And why are we generally so unprepared for crises?

In the ‘Metaflammation Game’, which was developed by TRA researchers, participants can put their health at risk through various eras: From the Stone Age through advanced civilization to the modern age, it becomes a strategic adventure and playful experience to balance an individual’s health through food, exercise, stress and sleep and to learn about the different living conditions of the era.

ECONtribute and the TRA can be found at stand number 22.

Further information about the event here: Science Festival Uni Bonn

© Abbildung: Universität Bonn