ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy funded as a Cluster of Excellence


ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy, a joined proposal by the universities of Bonn and Cologne, is selected as a Cluster of Excellence in the German Excellence Strategy. ECONtribute succeeded as the only Cluster of Excellence in economics and receives funding over the next seven years. The research activities of ECONtribute will be bundled under the roof of the Reinhard Selten Institute.

The goal of ECONtribute is to advance a new paradigm for the analysis of markets & public policy in light of fundamental societal and technological challenges, such as digitalization, global financial crises, rising inequality and political polarization. Such challenges require a comprehensive and innovative approach that combines rigorous theoretical models with a thorough empirical investigation of socio-economic behavior, taking legal and political constraints into account. ECONtribute aims at developing new policy tools, including the design of markets, behavioral interventions and mechanisms for political decision-making, offering innovative solutions to societal challenges. The ECONtribute Network will promote two-way knowledge exchange between researchers and policymakers.

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Katrin Tholen
ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy