Young ECONtribute Program (YEP)

The Young ECONtribute Program (YEP) is a special program for doctoral students working on markets and public policy or related Cluster topics. It is integrated into the two-stage Ph.D. program structure offered by two graduate schools, the Bonn Graduate School of Economics (BGSE) and the Cologne Graduate School (CGS), both cooperating with ECONtribute.

YEP offers an inspiring research environment for doctoral students and postdocs in the Cluster’s area of research. It strengthens frequent interactions with other Cluster members as well as with external fellows and short-term visitors. Moreover, it offers specific research activities, funding facilities, and a broad network both in academia and in the policy sphere. Finally, YEP supports the transition from doctoral studies to subsequent career paths.

Ph.D. programs offered by BGSE and CGS

Excellent graduate education is key to the successful advancement of early career researchers. The Cluster adopts a joint model for graduate education, in line with the current system in Bonn and Cologne. It consists of a five-year sequence that is structured in the same way as Ph.D. programs at top US departments: a two-year course phase in the first stage and a three-year dissertation phase in the second stage.

Detailed information on the programs offered by the graduate schools can be found here:

Excellent research conditions from the beginning

YEP students are closely supervised by two faculty members as main advisors. They choose from a broad portfolio of additional offerings to improve their research skills. These include workshops organized by Cluster members on specialized topics from the nine research areas, reading groups, and research seminars featuring internal or external speakers. These activities give our YEP fellows the opportunity to learn from and talk with leading scientists in their fields.

As part of the YEP program, the Cluster organizes specific activities for doctoral students, such as doctoral workshops and summer schools. YEP students are encouraged to organize such events themselves and are provided with the required funding.

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