Research Day in Applied Microeconomics

ECONtribute invites to the 1st Research Day in Applied Microeconomics. The aim is to create a platform to present research, get feedback, but also to network and strengthen the group across the Universities in Bonn and Cologne as well as the Institute of Labour Economics (IZA). The event aims at researchers post Ph.D.

Confirmed speakers are

  • Teodora Boneva (University of Bonn), Julia Mink (University of Bonn), Amelie Schiprowski (University of Bonn), Hanna Schwank (University of Bonn)
  • Maria Balgova (IZA), Simon Trenkle (IZA)
  • Elisa Gerten (University of Cologne), Carina Neisser (University of Cologne), Melissa Rubio (University of Cologne), Sebastian Siegloch (University of Cologne)

There will be a balanced mixture of short and long talks, with enough time in coffee and lunch breaks to discuss research and exchange ideas.

If you would like to attend, please send an e-mail with your affiliation by November 25th to one of the organisers: Anna Bindler or Hanna Schwank




09:15 - 17:30

Research Event

University of Cologne

SSC, Universitätsstraße 22a, 50923 Köln, Room 3.206

Anna Bindler

Professor of Economics