ECONtribute Virtual Macro Workshop 2020


The ECONtribute Virtual Macro Workshop 2020 took place July, 2-3. Leading international researchers in macroeconomics presented and discussed their latest research with an emphasis on distributional aspects for macroeconomic activity and on the macroeconomic consequences of the current COVID19 crisis. Due to the global crisis the 2020 ECONtribute Macro Workshop 2020 was a virtual event with participants joining from around the world. The workshops goal is to provide a fruitful atmosphere for exchange and development of existing research and new research ideas in relationship to the research agenda of the ECONtribute cluster.


Thursday, July 2:


Kurt Mitman (IIES Stockholm, ECONtribute research fellow)

Economic Activity and COVID-19 Transmission

Discussant: Kyle Herkenhoff


Ralph Lütticke (University College London)

The Coronavirus Stimulus Package: How large is the transfer multiplier?

Discussant: Claudia Sahm


Ben Moll (London School of Economics, ECONtribute research fellow)

Pandemics According to HANK

Discussant: Ralph Lütticke


Claudia Sahm (Center for Equitable Growth, ECONtribute research fellow)

Direct Stimulus Payments to Individuals in the Covid Pandemic

Discussant: David Berger


Friday, July 3:


David Berger (Duke University, ECONtribute research fellow)

Imperfect Risk-sharing and the Business Cycle

Discussant: Ben Moll


Kyle Herkenhoff (New York Federal Reserve Bank, ECONtribute research fellow)

Who Bears the Welfare Costs of Monopoly? The Case of the Credit Card Industry

Discussant: Simon Mongey


Moritz Kuhn (University of Bonn and ECONtribute)

Job stability, earnings dynamics, and life cycle savings

Discussant: Kurt Mitman


Simon Mongey (University of Chicago, ECONtribute research fellow)

Unbundling Labor

Discussant: Moritz Kuhn


Carolin Jackermeier

PR Manager