Election year 2021: New episode of “ECONtribute – Der Wirtschaftspodcast” on the climate crisis


Why have we failed to combat climate change despite urgent warnings from the scientific community? Why are international climate agreements failing? And what can Germany alone do to handle the climate crisis?

Axel Ockenfels, professor at ECONtribute at the University of Cologne, answers these and other questions in the current episode of the ECONtribute Wirtschaftspodcast #Wahljahr in conversation with Carolin Jackermeier – now available on all major platforms.

Axel Ockenfels has been analysing the international cooperation problem in terms of climate change for years. The episode deals with climate change, (lack of) cooperation, and symbolic politics.

Every two weeks until the federal elections on September 26, the podcast highlights the political challenges of the coming years scientifically. Tackling climate change, getting the economy up and running again after the pandemic, and enabling affordable housing for all: Researchers from the Cluster of Excellence provide evidence on major election challenges.

In monthly episodes of about 30 minutes, Carolin Jackermeier, PR Manager at ECONtribute, discusses the most exciting topics of ECONtribute research and provides insight into the work of the Cluster of Excellence. Following the elections, the current season #Education will continue.


Carolin Jackermeier

PR Manager

M jackermeier@wiso.uni-koeln.de