Fabian Schmitz (University of Bonn): Consumer Protection or Efficiency? The Case of Partitioned Pricing

The Young ECONtribute Program (YEP) seminar series takes place Fridays from 13:00 PM – 13:45 PM via ZOOM. Each week, students of the Young ECONtribute Program at the Universities of Bonn and Cologne present their work.

YEP Fellows, other members and associated members of ECONtribute are warmly invited to participate.

Organizers: Sarah Auster, Felix Bierbrauer, Anna Bindler, Moritz Kuhn and Tim Bock.

Further information is distributed via email. Contact: tim.bock@uni-bonn.de.


13:00 - 13:45

YEP Seminar



Tim Bock

Research Manager

M tim.bock@uni-koeln.de