Media – Democracy – Constitution: Media Constitutionalism: Origins and Limits of Democratic Communication

Are elections decided on the Internet today?

How great is the influence of online media on opinion-forming and thus also on voting behaviour? What opportunities and dangers does increasing digital communication pose for our democracy?

Forum Professorship: Dr Damian Tambini

We are looking forward to the visit of the British researcher Dr Damian Tambini. He is a recognised expert on media in democracies, media policy, platform regulation and public communication. All democracies are currently facing immense challenges: How can the rationality of public discourse and democratic decision-making – in the face of rapid changes in the digital transformation – be maintained and rethought? Dr Damian Tambini has researched and published extensively on this topic.

In his lecture followed by a discussion, he will speak on the topic: Lecture & Discussion: Lecture One: Media Constitutionalism: origins and limits of democratic communication.

The public lecture will be held in English as part of Prof Dr Stephan Packard’s seminar ‘Critical Media History’.

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14:00 - 16:00

Public Event


Universität zu Köln, Seminargebäude S01.

Albertus-Magnus-Platz, 50923 Köln


Dr. Philipp Budde