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Tomas Jagelka, PhD

Cluster position YEP Postdoc

Cluster member since 2020

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Main research topics

Experimental economics, behavioral economics, labor economics, empirical industrial organization


Tomáš Jagelka is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Applied Microeconomics at the University of Bonn and an Affiliate at IZA. He studied Economics in Hanover, New Hampshire, and in Paris, where he received his PhD from the École Polytechnique at Université Paris-Saclay in 2019. His work was recognized by the French Economic Association (Best PhD in economics defended in France in 2019) and by the International Association for Applied Econometrics (Best paper presented by a PhD student).


Published papers

Discussion papers


What is the best thing about your job?

That I can collaborate with bright minds from all over the world: currently I have coauthors from the US, Spain, and France. I also enjoy teaching which allows me to pass on my enthusiasm for economics and, I daresay, to inspire young students.

If you had not gone into research, what would you be doing today?

I already worked in consulting for two years and would enjoy doing so again. The rigor and challenges of this field excite me.

Who or what inspires you?

People around me – in fact, that’s what brought me to economics. I still have my notes from a class taught by a PhD economist – Peter Gardner – back at high school who sparked my passion for the field. Today my colleagues keep me inspired.

When was the last time you had to change your mind?

During the Covid-19 pandemic. I realized that there are still a lot of surprises left in this world, and that in the 21st century we cannot control as much as we might have thought.

Which advice would you have needed yourself as a doctoral student?

Networking is as important in academia as it is in the private sector. Getting yourself and your work out there and listening to other people with enough humility is crucial for your academic career.