Cluster member Tomáš Jagelka awarded for his research


Cluster member Tomáš Jagelka was awarded with the prize of the French Economic Association for the best PhD in economics defended in France in 2019. In his thesis “Preferences, Ability, and Personality: Understanding Decision-making Under Risk and Delay” Jagelka established a relationship between the economic and psychological frameworks for understanding the drivers of human behaviour. Specifically, he demonstrated a link between preferences for risk and time – fundamental parameters of economic models – and three of the Big Five psychological personality traits. For his work at his doctoral university, the École Polytechnique, he also received a prize by the International Association for Applied Econometrics (IAAE)His work was supervised by Christian Belzil, Research Professor at École Polytechnique.

Jagelka works with ECONtribute spokesperson Professor Thomas Dohmen at the University of Bonn and is visiting the Center for the Economics of Human Development at the University of Chicago with Professor James J. Heckman. Together, they set up a long-term experimental collaboration with the Laboratory Schools aimed studying preferences and skills.


Carolin Jackermeier

PR Manager