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Prof. Dr. Eva Hoppe-Fischer

Cluster position Principal Investigator

Cluster member since 2019

Main research topics

Contract theory, experimental economics, behavioral economics


Eva Hoppe-Fischer is a Professor of Economics at the University of Bonn. She is also a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in London. Her research focuses on contract theory, behavioral, experimental and public economics.

She obtained her PhD in Economics from the University of Cologne. Before, also at the University of Cologne, she studied Business Administration (Diploma) and she did her CEMS Master in International Management (M.Sc.) at the Bocconi University in Milan.

For her research, she received among others the Reinhard Selten Award from the Verein für Socialpolitik and the Heinz Sauermann Award from the Gesellschaft für Experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung (GEW). The magazine Capital ranks her “Top 40 under 40“ in the category Society and Science.