Strong addition to ECONtribute: the Cluster gains six new members


As the summer semester begins, ECONtribute proudly welcomes six new members to the institute. The cluster will grow through the addition of Cologne professor Annabelle Hofer, Bonn professors Jing Zeng and Julia Mink, postdoc Elisa Gerten, and PhD students Sarah Gharbi and Marvin Immesberger.

Annabelle Hofer is a Junior Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of Cologne. In her work, she focuses on the interface of behavioral research and human resource economics. Hofer graduated from the University of Bern. There, she worked as a research assistant and lecturer before being appointed to Cologne.

As a professor of finance, Jing Zeng is based at the Bonn Institute for Financial Economics and Statistics. She further conducts research at CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy Research) and is a member of the Finance Theory Group. Zeng earned her PhD from the London School of Economics. She then held positions as an assistant professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and the University of Vienna. Up to 2021, she also published as a Lamfalussy Fellow at the European Central Bank.

Julia Mink holds the Argelander Professorship in Environmental Economics, Sustainability and Inequality at the University of Bonn. Previously, she worked at the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE). Her objective is to provide relevant results for climate policy. As such, Mink estimates the cost of air pollution to the French health system and addresses the health effects of in-utero exposure to pesticides at birth. She received her doctorate from Sciences Po.

Elisa Gerten is a postdoctoral researcher in the Area of Corporate Development at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences in Cologne and the Center of Excellence for Social and Economic Behavior (C-SEB). Gerten operates at the intersection of human resources and organizational economics. Here she studies how advanced technologies affect both organizations and management practices.

Transferring from the University of Mannheim, PhD student Sarah Gharbi is resuming her doctoral studies at the University of Cologne. Gharbi previously conducted research at the Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW). She also worked as a research assistant to Youssef Benzarti at the University of California, Santa Barbara, focusing on taxation. She completed her master’s degree at ENSAE/Polytechnique.

Marvin Immesberger started his doctoral studies at the University of Bonn in 2020. Previously, he studied at the University of Cologne. The doctoral student conducts research in the field of public policy and focuses in particular on labor economics and the methods of computational economics. He already gained research experience in the support of the German Council of Economic Experts and at the German Bundesbank.

Katrin Tholen

PR Manager