Young ECONtribute Program (YEP) Workshop

In this workshop series, students of the Young ECONtribute Program present their current work. The workshop takes place once a semester and alternates between Bonn and Cologne. Formerly a seminar series, it offers YEP Fellows, members, and associated members of ECONtribute a valuable platform to engage and contribute. We welcome your participation.

Organizers: Sarah Auster, Felix Bierbrauer, Michael Krause, Amelie Schiprowski, and Johannes Kochems.

Further information is distributed via e-mail. Contact: Johannes Kochems.

YEP Seminar – Summerterm 2022

YEP Seminar – Winterterm 2022

YEP Seminar – Winterterm 2021

YEP Seminar – Summerterm 2021